Moving? Here’s My Two Cents!: Estimates for Moves Within Texas

Tips to Understand Your Moving Company Quotes

Moving companies in Texas acquire customers from a variety of places. Happy customers may refer their friends, some folks pop online and search for moving companies, and others submit their information to different websites who then send that information to different moving companies.  The companies who receive the customer’s information then call and try to book the job.

When you speak with a sales person at a moving company their number one priority is typically to MAKE THE SALE! As the owner of our company my priority is to make the customer feel comfortable and secure in choosing The Moving Factor. I would rather not book a job than have someone feel pressured or uncomfortable.

When you receive an Estimate over the phone it is impossible to give a Guaranteed Price.  This is particularly true when you are speaking with a sales person who has never even seen a truck being loaded. The sales person is going to make a commission off the final contract price. The final price is 99% of the time NOT the price you are quoted over the phone.

When you receive a quote over the phone there are some steps your mover is required by Texas law to take before they load a single box into their truck.

1)      The mover MUST provide you with a pamphlet entitled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move in Texas.

2)      Before ANY work is done in your home the mover MUST provide you with a WRITTEN ESTIMATE. It is imperative that you be very clear about the items you are moving. The proposal will either be a BINDING proposal (it gives the exact price of the move), or a NOT-to-EXCEED proposal (gives the maximum price of the move). You and the mover must both sign this form.

If the proposed price is significantly different that what was discussed over the phone I would seriously hesitate to proceed any further. Your mover should use a Table of Measurements to estimate the size of your shipment. Your estimate will be based upon the items on that list. Always keep a copy of that form.

3)      Your mover may offer to sell you Full Value Replacement insurance. If you choose to purchase this coverage your mover is required to provide you with a copy of the policy BEFORE the move. If they cannot provide it, look elsewhere.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a Binding Estimate (proposal) signed by the mover.

A word about choosing the lowest price for your move-

We recently provided an on—site estimate to a couple moving from the Dallas area to El Paso. Our quote was $3800 and it included full packing and moving a motorcycle. The customers received two other on-site estimates that were about $1,000 less than our bid.  To this day I worry about those folks! Considering the cost of fuel, packing materials, labor, licensing and insurance it would be a financial loss to our company to charge much less than our bid of $3800. Those folks are on a tight schedule and once the mover is there and has their property on his truck they are basically left at the mercy of the mover.  if the mover arrives at their destination and decides that he needs to charge extra for a long carry or that his truck can’t make it into the area and he needs to shuttle your shipment he could feasibly tack on hundreds of dollars in additional charges.


Ultimately, as the customer, it’s your money, your belongings, your home and your decision.  Just remember, you get what you pay for. When you choose the lowest bid you may also be choosing an unpleasant surprise during your move, which is already stressful enough.